If Jesus can walk on water, can he swim on land?

A week in Italy and it was the most memorable vacation I have ever had. I said goodbye to my phone(no really goodbye forever), I said good morning to my sister everyday, I said “ahhhhhhdjhfrok” to every morning we had to be somewhere at 4:30 am, I said “I am going to pee myself I am laughing so hard” to every crazy night my sister and I had.

Ponza and Rome ❤


The Yosemite Walks

I was lucky enough to go on an amazing adventure to Yosemite with my one and only Papa. It was beautiful. There were trees-just a couple-, mountains-one here and there- and laughter-all over the place in each cell of my body and encompassing the air around us.

It is safe to say, it was a beautiful weekend.