Amazing Puns

When people are so corny….


“Girl, I am always drunk: drunk on life.”

“That statement, made me throw up in my mouth a little bit…because I choked on all that corn.”


I think if we a…

I think if we all just stopped for a moment, put down our phone, blackberry, other phone and car keys and laptop, and really thought about it for a second – without the disturbance of the bustling world – I think we would realize that Pepsi and Coca Cola really just taste the same.

Some days, you …

Some days, you wake up feeling different. Something isn’t the way it should be. Light shines a strange way, people seem harsher and troubles are harder to accept.

For me, I just know it is going to be an off-day when I don’t even feel like watching “The Wolf of Wall Street” again.