What to do when You Aren’t in Chinatown

After an impulse buy in Chinatown, San Francisco, we had to at least come up with some sort of a project for our new snazzy outfits. The mustache, of course, is real. No, it really is. Stop looking at me like that. As is the horse. I did find it strange that that blonde girl with the braids didn’t have a face, but who am I to judge right? I think her name was Sally. Strange name: doesn’t really fit to a native Bavarian girl avec horse.

Little Pictures

Because the little things in life are what we find the hardest to treasure, but they’re the things we should love the most.

The Yosemite Walks

I was lucky enough to go on an amazing adventure to Yosemite with my one and only Papa. It was beautiful. There were trees-just a couple-, mountains-one here and there- and laughter-all over the place in each cell of my body and encompassing the air around us.

It is safe to say, it was a beautiful weekend.