There are no words

There is not a single thing about this video that I understand. Truly not a shred.


Does anyone care to explain what is going on? WHAT IS HAPPENING



From God’s Perspective

Full fledged obsession has taken flight.

You shouldn’t abstain from pork just ’cause you think that I want you to
You can eat pork ’cause why the fuck would I give a shit?
(I created the universe, think I’d draw the line at the fucking deli aisle?)

I distrust people who

Just a short but very significant list of people I choose to not trust


I distrust people who…

1. Don’t drink coffee

2. Don’t like every single movie ever made with Leonardo Dicaprio

3. Eat healthy

4. Have a Yahoo email address

5. Think Christmas music should be played exclusively during the “holiday season”

6. Were born in the 2000’s

7. Go to enter a website and type “www.”

Otis Says It

When he sings the words they aren’t words anymore, they are rhythms for your heart to beat with. I don’t hear music anymore, I feel like he has unraveled a loose end and torn it wide open and whispered into it with the kindness of a million hearts. He is right, I won’t forget it, none of us will forget it.

Oh you won’t regret it no, no.
Young girls they don’t forget it.

Love is their whole happiness.

Jake + Olive

And she was so pretty, he thought she
was the prettiest girl in Kilkenny,
He saved every penny that he had
working on the train tracks so,
he could buy a ring for her
when he came back, and he dropped
to his knee, said you could marry
any man in Ireland Madam but it’s
got to be me,