If Jesus can walk on water, can he swim on land?

A week in Italy and it was the most memorable vacation I have ever had. I said goodbye to my phone(no really goodbye forever), I said good morning to my sister everyday, I said “ahhhhhhdjhfrok” to every morning we had to be somewhere at 4:30 am, I said “I am going to pee myself I am laughing so hard” to every crazy night my sister and I had.

Ponza and Rome ❤

Things People Said That I will never forget

Things People Said That I will never forget


 “I’m prettier.”

“Cass doesn’t like it when we tell her secrets that aren’t true.”

“Wir sind einfach nur richtig gut befreundet.” “We are just really good friends.”

“Do I need 8 castles? Yes.”

“Yeah, I need to stop talking like that.“ “Honestly, I never felt stupid saying those things. Did you?” “No.”

“Should we watch The Grey again?”

“Do you honestly want to know?”

“You’re doing a great job.”

“Wir sollten reden.” “We need to talk.”

“Hi Nandita, this is Ruma.”

“I will never break up with you.”