The Challenges of a one-man-show

Things I can’t do by myself:

  1. Play Hide and Seek
  2. Get a 2 for 1 movie theater deal
  3. Go on the see-saw
  4. Do a round of Limbo
  5. Set up IKEA furniture correctly
  6. Play flip-cup
  7. Watch the news and understand everything
  8. Make a tasteful and profitable adult film
  9. Go on an Easter Egg Hunt
  10. Get pregnant
  11. Do a chin-up
  12. Go on a jog for longer than 30 minutes
  13. Fold anything larger than my body size
  14. Break into my own apartment
  15. Bake anything
  16. Watch anything that might remotely scare me like an episode of “Smallville”
  17. Be a twin
  18. Not eat the entire bag of chocolate/gummy bears/chips I just opened_MG_1938

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