Exactly who you are

Exactly who you are

It’s funny how when we fleetingly meet someone, we can imagine the vast options of what that person could actually be like. They could love salsa dancing, they could be kind, they could have a special appreciation for anything yellow. We can imagine a perennial combination of character traits joining up to make this one unknown person.

But then, we meet them. Hours, days, months go by and we see who they really are: they are no longer unknown. We peel away the shell, we uncover someone. Someone we know. Where before we could imagine endless possibilities, we now see just one person. Someone who could never not love asparagus or not cry every time they see a stray animal. Someone who could never be anything other than what they are. We can’t imagine them being different. We don’t expect it. It wouldn’t fit. Not the way this fits.

No one has ever thought you should be different from who you are. Not really. They can’t really imagine it. People have peeled your layers away and uncovered exactly who you are. They can’t imagine you being different.

Why would you?

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